Inbound marketing is the method by which customers are drawn to goods or services through content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). Should you look for an agency or go with in-house hire? There are some considerations to keep in mind as seen below.


Experts in the field

Market needs have forced the culture shift towards specialization and with specialization come superior skills. A jack of all may do well in all areas but a master of one will do better in that particular field. Inbound agencies possess competent teams that have all the relevant and required skills in the task at hand. In-house hires may be good overall but forcing them into specialization risks losing their full potential.

With the inbound agency, not only are the skills’ set specific and efficient but the customer service is good value for money as well also offering content management. The cost may or may not be higher than an in-house hire, the benefits are very visible helping in overall quality, time management, and efficient and effective use of resources.


With specialization comes speed. An inbound agency does not require as much time in research, due to skills at hand, and converts the entire process from inception to completion at a much quicker pace. The many tasks required in an inbound marketing require a number of staff and the usage of an agency prevents many staff involved on the same task which results in better use of resources.



As seen above, costs may or may not be low; however, when looked at from the overall perspective, the costs are lower through an agency as opposed to an in-house hire. Some in-house costs such as software, equipment, training, opportunity loss and so on are avoided. Certain costs are not possible to quantify in all instances such as productivity and efficiency, however, the value obtained from higher productivity and efficiency should not be considered low. Moreover, efficiency in one area spills over to others as well and hence, always measuring them in numbers may be counter-intuitive.


Better decision making

With more time on hand and lower stress levels due to an agency hire, decision making process is enhanced. Employees may also be more motivated due to lower stress levels and more time which will multiply the overall productivity.



It does not require much research to see that the economic and business culture is increasingly moving towards specialization. This trend may have its pros and cons; however, for entrepreneurs, it is a big sigh of relief. As the competition intensifies, sticking on to the old ways may cost you big time. Go for an inbound agency and not another in-house hire.