Etsy shop is no doubt a good platform to sell; however, it is not the last stop.

You would definitely want to take your business up some levels and for that, you need to have your own website either in addition to or separately from Etsy shop. Here is why.

Competition is Tough

Having your own website store is not running away from competition but tackling it head on. Your own website store makes you stand out from the rest and gives a good and better impression than those without websites of their own.


Quality Perception

Not only do you stand out from the rest, your own website (if well-made and managed) gives an impression of superior quality. It has the potential to show you as a formal brand as opposed to a rag tag seller.

Freedom of Decisions

Being tied to someone or some platform(s) can be risky not just in terms of being bound to their rules and regulations but also in terms of having your account closed. This has happened to some and without warnings; whether they were in the wrong or unaware is irrelevant and the important matter is to be aware of it and plan accordingly. Being your own boss is not just liberating but also helps in better decisions and superior output.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’re selling on Etsy, you’re one of dozens, hundreds, or thousands. There are very little opportunities to benefit from SEO whereas on your own website, this is not the case. Your website provides you the opportunity to benefit from SEO and gain an advantage over others. People looking for the product over the internet would have a better chance finding from your website than from Etsy shop.

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Fewer Distractions

On Etsy, competitors can advertise their products right next to yours something similar to how professional bodybuilders pose next to their competitors to make them look weak. On your own website, you would not have to worry about such distractions and cut-throat competition. Your brand may have its uniqueness which would not be highlighted in an open market as opposed to a private space.

Your Website May Not Be The End of it

You may choose to sell through your website or not, having one is beneficial both ways. Even if you decide to sell through Etsy shop, you would want to have your own personal website. Your website may only be a gallery to show off your items which then redirects them to your Etsy shop.

It’s How You Design

If you create a professional looking and up-to-date website and provide good customer service, you will earn loyalty from the customers. A good service is better likely to result in future business through a website as opposed to Etsy store due to the jungle out there.

Make sure to stand out from the rest, highlight your strengths and service, and why you are unique and do all this through your own website store and you are sure to enhance your chances of success.