Do I Need One? YES But I Have One Now What? Let us tell you…

If you don’t have a website for your brand, you’re missing out on basic marketing and tonnes of opportunities in the online world. (GET ONE NOW!) If you do have a website, but an old and out-dated one, you’re also missing out on potential prospects and sales. It is essential for you to have one and to keep it relevant. (No Seriously… you’re nobody without it) Here’s why:



Love At First Sight

Love at first sight is well heard of and something which pretty much everyone experiences. It is not just a human to human concept and applies to things as well and a website is no different. A relevant, modern, and trending website has the potential to become a market leader and may force not just competitors but other industries to emulate your design amending it to their needs. A website is the virtual face of the brand and a good first impression is the best start one can get.


Competitive Edge

An old or out-dated design is not something pleasing to the eye and puts away many people. Suppose a potential client opens up a dozen websites in different tabs; he/she may spend a few minutes or few seconds on each of them before deciding which one to proceed with and close those that appear irrelevant to their needs. You would lose potential customers simply based on the website, negatively impacting the growth of your brand. Leads are essential and these eventually convert to revenue and for an effective and efficient conversion of this cycle, it is essential that you give a good first impression and hold on to the potential customers’ attention.



Poor Design Portrays Poor Quality

Your brand may be a high quality one and target a niche market but if your design is not up to the mark, it may portray your product or service to be of poor quality as well. This is off-putting to the potential customer and the opportunity to convert this potential into revenue is lost.


Poor Quality Brings Cheaper Customers

If the impression developed of your brand is of poor quality, naturally the customer will think that the price is cheap, if not the cheapest. There are markets for such goods and services as well but you may not be in them; however, an old website design may lead you into such an environment or at least disturb your regular business with ridiculous offers and requests which you may not be interested in.



Fast paced environment, nobody has time for slow and confusing material. Even complicated issues have been made simple for the end user. If you do not move with the pace, you won’t be staying relevant. Remember it’s not the same as it was 10, 20, or 30 years ago. In fact, today’s environment changes at a much faster rate and things now may be much different to when you started the business. Continuous improvement and staying upbeat is no longer an advantage but a necessity.


What to do?

Since your website is a big part of your online personality, give it a good impression especially the first one. Stay relevant upbeat type, know your brand and target market, plan accordingly and tackle your potential customers in light of this plan. A good, strong, and attractive base will eventually help you convert those user views into clients and eventually revenue. If you are having hard time putting together a good website then you should consider hiring an expert web designer to do the job for you.