Being yourself is essential not just in your regular life but also in the cyber world. Fake personality is easy to detect; likewise, seeking to increase Instagram followers should also be natural instead of taking shortcut and unethical ways. Here are some great ways to get started on growing your Instagram following account organically.

Controlled Likes


Like pictures that land in your niche. Moreover, be real and only like pictures that you genuinely like instead of going on a liking spam mission. People realize and identify the genuine from the fake. Using this approach, if you like a number of pictures throughout the day, you will see a good return with followers falling within your niche. How do you find the niche? Look for relevant hashtags and find pictures that you like.




If you like the photo and it holds your attention for more than two seconds, then comment on it and write something genuine. Do not copy and paste the same comment over and over as people in your niche will eventually know that you’re not being honest.


Use Hashtags Properly


Create a hashtag and encourage your followers to use it. When you’re in the beginning stages of account opening, do not think of yourself as a beginner. Assume that you already have a lot of followers and this would not only be a good practice that will evolve into habit but also allow you to grow a successful account eventually. As they say ‘fake it till you make it’; this approach is not fake in the literal sense but figurative as the content still is genuine.




Run Contests

In order to get new followers and keep them engaged is to keep it fun. Playing games helps in organic growth of the account. This approach, however, should be kept for later stages when the account is properly set and has a reasonable base of followers.


Encourage Followers To Take Action

This is another practical step to engage with your followers. How so? Remember that funny video you saw which said ‘tag and comment’ and you did just that? People will see your photo and they may even like it but then move on; however, a gentle and not too desperate sounding reminder to tag and comment does work and may do wonders.



Collaborate with accounts that are similar to yours and seek cooperation with them. This will help you increase your audience; however, a mistake to avoid is seeking cooperation with popular accounts outside of your market or genre. For instance, you have a page related to fitness and you collaborate with an interior designer; this is not only imprudent but would do very little for you and damage the brand.


Analyse Your History

Go back and analyse your pictures to see which posts got the highest engagement and which didn’t. Timings may also be noted. Experiment by posting similar posts at different times and see how results come out.



Schedule Your Posts


Based on the analysis of your history, figure out posting schedules. This will show a better outcome and the more active you are, the more chances of attracting people as this would engage followers and potential followers from different time zones, all over the world.




Adding geographical identification will help people who visited similar places to see your photo which enhances the potential of getting likes and followers. People engaged through this approach may even ask to use your picture for their own accounts, giving you free advertisement along the way.



Re-posting gives the impression to others that you credit others’ work as well. Therefore, tag them in the captions section.

Remember, real is easy to identify from the fake.